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I ♥ Rosé

I ♥ Rosé #RoseAllDay #YesWayRose, live the pink wine lifestyle #rose #wine


Four Reasons to drink rosé instead of white wine this summer

  1. Rosé doesn't need to be cellared or aged, it's always ready to drink
  2. It's the only pink wine!
  3. When you bring rosé to a party, everyone notices you and your wine
  4. It a perfect pairing for almost any cuisine

5 Ways to Make sure you maximize your rosé enjoyment

  1. Always keep bottles of rosé stocked in your fridge, so you never have to go without
  2. Drink rosés within one year of buying them to insure maximum freshness
  3. Make sure the rosé you're getting is the current vintage, ie no more than one vintage old. So if it's 2018 right now, you should be drinking a 2017 rosé
  4. When the season is over, don't forget that rosé is a perfect wine pairing with fall cuisine, Indian summers, and holiday dinners
  5. Use the following hashtags on social media, to help you connect with other rosé lovers: #rosé #RoseAllDay #YesWayRose